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Your smile is like expelliarmus; simple yet disarming

This is maybe the best thing ever!

If a guy said this to me I might have to marry him


Ok I’m on the final episode of Downton Abbey. I’ve been on a British kick after finishing Sherlock and now this, should I continue and start Dr Who next? Or start Supernatural? I’ve never watched either…

And yes I am aware that either will swallow my soul. I look forward to it

Reblog for a Harry Potter pick up line in your ask box


Because you all seemed to like the jokes so much. A few warnings though

•I’m steering away from any dirty ones because I wouldn’t really feel comfortable sending those to people I don’t know (however if you want a dirty one there are plenty to be found on Google, buzzfeed, the tumblr tag etc so don’t despair)

•also I found with the jokes that ask limit’s a bitch so fair warning

•it would be nice if you were following me (breakfastwithponds) but don’t feel in any way obliged


that right there is inspiration! 


that right there is inspiration! 

Reblog this if you are a fandom/nerd fitblr!


I miss my fandom blog lots, so I would love to follow some fellow fandom fitblrs who reblog fandom and health stuff <3

This includes: 

  • Doctor Who
  • Supernatural
  • Hunger Games
  • Anything Marvel
  • Game of Thrones
  • LOTR/Hobbit
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Sherlock
  • Harry Potter
  • Anime
  • Night Vale 
  • Skyrim
  • AC
  • Saints Row
  • Video games in general. 

Reblog away, lovelies. c:

Alrighty folks! I’m looking for new blogs to follow! I also follow back!


I am a mutli fandom blog:



Tom Hiddleston


Marvel (guardians of the galaxy, iron man, captain America, Thor, Loki, avengers, hulk, hawkeye, black widow)




American horror story

Bates motel

Parks and Recreation

The Walking Dead

Fitness and health


Randomness, travel, BOOKS, sarcasm, funny stuff, cute animals, puppies, cute boys, etc…

Now, Let’s try this whole tagging thing


say that

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